Our experiences are what we used to navigate the world. Regardless of if they are ones we choose or ones we are given our experiences build the language we used to communicated with those around us. In Sharea Harris' debut collection of poetry, Dictionary, we are given an intimate account of the vocabulary that shapes a black woman from the American south. Navigating experiences of abuse, racism, abortion, and love we learn the language of one woman's identity; we learn what it means to survive. Through visual expression, various poetic forms, and play we see Sharea mold her identity and observe what it takes to rebuild who she is and birth who she wants to become. Dictionary is an artifact that looks at identity, it's evolution, and the experiences that shape it.  

So excited to finally release this labor of love. Please pick it up in the Artifacts section of the site! See what these folks had to say about Dictionary.

"Harris illustrates not only how insightful but also how gifted she is in its poetic vision, poignant thematic images, expressive designs and conceptual framing. Truly it says that Ms. Sharea Harris is entering the literary lexicon ablaze on her own terms." 
-Professor Diedra L. Badejo, Ph.D.


Black Maggies

Sanah isn't who she used to be.  Not that this is a bad thing, well honestly, she's still trying to decide. On the anniversary of her grandmother's transition Sanah finds herself the treasure of a time traveling granny and her daughter, well not exactly her daughter; and she's not exactly a granny.  They're more like the most powerful members of a guild of black women highly skilled in the intuitive arts. the black maggies have been keeping the world in spiritual balance since they were forced to go international with the rise of chattel slavery in 1441. Sanah isn't the only one who isn't who she used to be; the city where she's cultivated a "home" is in the middle of it's own transition as it erupts against injustice, racism, and a serious spiritual imbalance. Black Maggies is a story is about a black girl who finds herself and ends up right where she's supposed to be: on the precipice of a transition that'll challenge everything she knows. 

Very excited to have this work picked up by the Emerging Voices Project in Baltimore! Join us for a workshop reading on June, 2, 2016! 


Released May 15, 2011 The One and Some EP was Sharea's debut audio project. Combing her love for writing, song, and performing this project was waiting to be born. A collaborative experience with producer Kwofi proved this project would be the perfect blend of the two artist's southern style. The project kept a pretty low profile, but turned a few heads as it crawled through space. Take a look at what a few folks had to say. Listen for yourself here: The One and Some EP

“… In addition, she isn’t presenting her art over the latest “hot” instrumental, but over soundbeds that were carefully crafted for this release AND she is truly an exceptional, and unconventional artist. the ONE and SOME ep finds her not only spitting but also singing to add texture to her sincere and earnest poetry “

DJ Rahdu, BamaLoveSoul 

” There is nothing to say over here, except that her words are a kind of magic to me. Enjoy what you hear. “


“… Sharea definitely delivers on the production. The quality and engineering of each track is professional and well thought out. It’s playful, it’s an expression of love, it’s poetry. We like to call it 5AM music. Check her out. ”

Spoken Magazine 


Kerofune Crew


Sharea has always found a love in manipulating visual elements. Her evolution into a visual artist has been a slow one, but with time she presses more into exploring her voice as a visual artist.

The Way of Light
Her first collection of visual art is a simple one. Here the artist plays with light and delicate paper to create surreal landscapes, complex texture and interesting shapes. This collection is available in prints. 

The latest completed project are the sets of collage work that accompanies her written work in "dictionary" these collage pieces break up the poetic narrative to often provide connection where more words would tend to overwhelm. These collage works are available inside the poetry collection dictionary, or on their own as prints.

Total Goddess Recall
The latest visual work is a visual partner to a project of knowledge and redefinition. In an effort to readjust her spiritual lens, the artist is replacing the masculine images of divinity with feminine divines. Through this redefinition the artist finds herself creating her own circle of goddess images.  In doing so, the collage images that are created find characteristics of the divines she's studied and calls her own. As these images are completed they will be uploaded as prints for collection.