With close to ten years of classroom experience, Sharea enjoys guiding any learner through the writing process. While Sharea loves to play guide and resource to those in the midst of creative writing, she understands that writing is best enjoyed when it first serves someone's need. As a consequence, she enjoys helping people attain the benefits of communication, composition, and language through classroom instruction, workshop facilitation, and writing consultation. Listed below are some of Sharea's favorite teaching experiences. Check out her full CV here.  

Workshop Design & Facilitation

“It’s All In the Cards: Using Tarot to Build Narratives and Develop Characters” - Moonlit Greedy Reads - Baltimore, MD 12/6/18
Designed for the narrative writer, we look at tarot as a method for unpacking and producing dynamic characters with deeply human and flawed character arches. This workshop is presented in part of the Moonlit & Greedy Reads Present: A Literary Workshop Series Join the Workshop!

“Shitty First Drafts: How to Get Started Writing the Manuscript of Your Dreams” - Greedy Reads, Baltimore, MD - 11/15/18
This workshop is designed to support the budding, blocked, or beginning writer who needs a jump start. Taking the pressure off the first draft and providing insight to the process of writing and supportive strategies to get the work done. This workshop is presented as part of the Moonlit & Greedy Reads Present: A Literary Workshop Series Join the workshop!

"Why the Poem?!" Workshop Creator & Facilitator Intro to Creative Writing - Invited Guest Lecturer University of Baltimore - 11/21/17 This workshop asks folks why write a poem when you could write anything else? As we unpack the question and the answer we find the power of the poem as a communicative device. 

"Identity as Resistance" Workshop Creator & Facilitator - Spotlight UB African American Arts Festival - 2018
This three meeting workshop guides participants through the writing and design processes as a means to empower their personal experience through creative expression. The culminating work moves from personal experience to addressing issues in the larger social space with the goal of improving the public space.  

Course Design & Instruction

Redefining the Narrative: Research and Writing Tools for Metaliteracy - Honors Course
Bringing her expertise as a writer and instructor Sharea has partnered with a research expert and fellow instructor to create a course that blends the processes of writing and research that challenges the learner to reevaluate the narratives presented to our society by museums. Through field study, observation, and analysis the learner gains an understanding of how narrative use impacts knowledge and information. The course is built on the codependent balance of research and writing as processes for forming and expressing critical thought. This course comes to the University of Baltimore Community in Fall 2018.

Adjunct Instructor Writing Composition  - University of Baltimore -September 2013 - Present
Sharea has taught the entire Writing Composition Sequence at the University of Baltimore. WRIT 100, WRIT 101, WRIT 200, and WRIT 300 are portfolio based courses that build skills of critical reading, reflection, and analysis to support metacognitive thought production and written communication. Proficient in online and face-to-face modalities, Sharea believes that the learning environment should be one of community and shared expertise. 


Private Practice & University of Baltimore - Writing Consultant 2010 -2016
Sharea's clocked over 300 hours as a writing consultant at the University of Baltimore; at least 100 were as a CRLA level-one certified tutor. She enjoys working with private clients on projects ranging from one-man shows to college admission essays. Interested in her insight but not a student at UB?  She's more than happy to support! Contact her through Thumbtack.

Asherah House - Est. 2018


Sharea's work has recently found homes in literary journals and stages all over. Here's a list of a few of her most recent publications, performances, and panels . To check out the full list! Access her CV here. 

PANELIST, “Black Tongues on Their Way to Whiteness: Redefining Academic Identity in the Writing Center". Writing Centers and Activism: Uncovering Embedded Narratives: The Mid-Atlantic Writing Centers Association - 3/23-24/18, Rowan University - Glassboro, NJ

PANELIST, "Writing in the Margins of Baltimore. "#RISEBMORE2017:RISEBMORE - 4/19/17, Union Baptist Church - Baltimore, MD

PANELIST, “After the Harvest: Reflection as a Way to Plant Better Crops of Reading, Writing and Thinking.” Cultivation: College English Association Conference - Middle Atlantic Group – 3/16/16, Montgomery College - Rockville, Maryland.

PERFORMANCE, Poetry Hour! Baltimore Book Festival @ Inner Harbor Stage, Baltimore. 24 Sept. 2016. Performance.

PERFORMANCE, Writers Live: Tyehimba Jess, Olio. MD State Library for the Blind & Physically Handicapped, Baltimore. 8 June 2016. Performance.

PERFORMANCE, Emerging Voices Project 2016-2018: Black Maggies. Spotlight UB Theatre, Baltimore. 2 June 2016. 25 May 2017. 31 May 2018.

PERFORMANCE, Armagh Project Presentation. John Hewitt Society Summer School, Armagh, Northern Ireland. 28 July 2015. Performance.



Perhaps the best blend of both worlds is the writing residency. Sharea has found herself in a few and wants to continue on this journey. She's quickly learning to love the international, but she won't turn down an opportunity to write in a new capacity where ever it is. Check out what she's done so far. 

Cuban Writer's Exchange - Writer in Residence & Teaching Assistant
As a teaching assistant I developed and implemented group writing exercises for student reflection, observation, and focus. I worked closely with faculty and the project director to coordinate and execute program objectives in Cuba. It was a thrill to provide individual writing support to learners in their fullfillment of course assignemts and objectives. 

The Armagh Project - Writer in Residence
The Armagh Project is a month long creative writing residency in Armagh, Northern Ireland. This experience is one of cultural immersion for the writer and culminates in a performance of creative work in an international writing festival, The John Hewitt Society Summer School. This was a wonderful experience that birthed a beautiful project, Eshe+Aiden. I kept a blog full of my experiences here. Check out more about my time with the Armagh Project in this video

Women Unified in Consciousness - Writer in Residence
A great start with a wonderful non-profit geared toward empowering the back bone of every community and family, the woman. This non-profit aimed to provide literary education, guidance and support to women in impoverished  communities.  I was accepted to help create a literary journal that told some of these women's stories. It was such a beautiful experience to collect these stories. My duties as Writer-in-Residence also included conducting workshops on business writing and providing editorial skills to company copy.