With close to ten years of classroom experience, Sharea enjoys guiding any learner through the writing process. While Sharea loves to play guide and resource to those in the midst of creative writing, she understands that writing is best enjoyed when it first serves someone's need. As a consequence, she enjoys helping people attain the benefits of communication, composition, and language through classroom instruction, workshop facilitation, and writing consultation. Listed below are some of Sharea's favorite teaching experiences. Check out her full CV here.  

Community College of Baltimore County - Academic Literacy - Adjunct Instructor 2016
As learners enter into a the collegiate community, its important that their skill set is sharpened for the journey ahead. Familiarizing the learners with the reading, writing, and research processes, Sharea aims to provide learners with the tools they need to create success. Learners are introduced to a variety of academic texts and guided through the collegiate interactions that have become the academic expectation. 

University of Baltimore - College Composition - Adjunct Instructor 2016 (Graduate Instructor 2014-2015)
Historically, Freshman Composition has never been anyone's favorite class. Through introducing rhetorical analysis Sharea has the opportunity to not only refresh this course; reshaping how her learners see the world around them. Engaging the learners in dynamic texts covering racism, policies, and pop culture the learners find themselves having to express their orientation to the text and the world around them. For the first time some of the learners found themselves interested in analysis and annotated bibliographies. More importantly, the leaners found themselves ready and willing to engage the world. This experience tends to be transformational for the instructor as it was the learners. 

University of Baltimore - College Readiness Academy - Bridge to College English Instructor 2015-2016
Preparing the learners of various Baltimore High Schools for matriculation into college is an on going opportunity for Sharea.   Introducing the tools of rhetorical analysis, research process, and the writing process Sharea enjoys engaging learns in the  analysis of communication. Also focusing on more traditional composition and grammar, Sharea aims to provide these learners with the tools they needed to successfully communicate on a collegiate level.  

Private Practice & University of Baltimore - Writing Consultant 2010 -2016
Sharea's clocked over 300 hours as a writing consultant at the University of Baltimore; at least 100 were as a CRLA level-one certified tutor. She enjoys working with private clients on projects ranging from one-man shows to college admission essays. Interested in her insight but not a student at UB?  She's more than happy to support! Contact her through Thumbtack.


Sharea's work has recently found homes in literary journals around the country. Here's a list of a few of her most recent publications. To check out the list access her CV here. 

Writers & Words - Best of 2015-2016 Edition

The Avenue - The Good, The Bad, The City





Perhaps the best blend of both worlds is the writing residency. Sharea has found herself in a few and wants to continue on this journey. She's quickly learning to love the international, but she won't turn down an opportunity to write in a new capacity where ever it is. Check out what she's done so far. 

Cuban Writer's Exchange - Writer in Residence & Teaching Assistant
I've been given another great opportunity to provide writing support in Cuba. June 11 - 28th I'll provide support and supplementary instruction as learners examine the the intersection between Hughes, Hemmingway, and Guillen as they evaluate the subjects of class and race in their works concerning Cuba. Not only will I be aiding learners develop their work, I'll also be creating work of my own. To keep track of this process please check out the blog. To support the trip check out my GoFundMe

The Armagh Project - Writer in Residence
The Armagh Project is a month long creative writing residency in Armagh, Northern Ireland. This experience is one of cultural immersion for the writer and culminates in a performance of creative work in an international writing festival, The John Hewitt Society Summer School. This was a wonderful experience that birthed a beautiful project, Eshe+Aiden. I kept a blog full of my experiences here. Check out more about my time with the Armagh Project in this video

Women Unified in Consciousness - Writer in Residence
A great start with a wonderful non-profit geared toward empowering the back bone of every community and family, the woman. This non-profit aimed to provide literary education, guidance and support to women in impoverished  communities.  I was accepted to help create a literary journal that told some of these women's stories. It was such a beautiful experience to collect these stories. My duties as Writer-in-Residence also included conducting workshops on business writing and providing editorial skills to company copy.