7:00 pm19:00

EVP: Black Maggies N:2

  • Spotlight UB

Emerging Voices Project Presents: Black Maggies N:2


I'm so thrilled that the second narrative (N2) of the Black Maggies trilogy is going to be presented through Emerging Voices Project this year! Please join me for a community reading-workshop of this new play. This is a continuation of the Black Maggies Universe and third Grand Trine member! More details to come soon! 



5:30 pm17:30

Steamy Morrison Reading

  • University of Baltimore

Steamy Morrsion Reading 

Join women writers as we share our favorite steamy passages of Toni Morrison's work during Spotlight UB's African American Arts Festival. Valentine's Day Treat <3

Literary Roulette 2016
6:30 pm18:30

Literary Roulette 2016

  • Ottobar


I'm pumped about this feature. So, Literary Roulette is a really cool experimental show put together by Anthony Moll and hosted by MC Dwyer. The experience is tons of fun and there's a bunch of crowd participation. Bring things you want to read or have read! I'm reading some from "dictionary", but also from cooky and cool things you bring!

Not to mention, I'm sharing the feature spotlight with some pretty badass writers! Cija Jefferson, has just published a fantastic memoire titled Sonic Memories. Andrew Sargus Klein, is the author of Breezewood which is full of beautiful poems and a design that makes you stop and enjoy. They are both fantastic! We're gonna have so much fun. Not to mention, it's 2 for Tuesdays at Ottobar (the venue). Mark your calendars! Come out! 

Hey You, Come Back: A Reading Series
8:00 pm20:00

Hey You, Come Back: A Reading Series

  • The Crown

Hey You, Come Back! (HYCB): A Reading Series

A Baltimore reading series of non/fiction and poetry
1st Thursdays at @TheCrownBaltimore

Join me as I read about 20 minutes of work from "dic tion ary" with some overlap from "black maggies". Can't wait to be a part of this wonderful reading series! Come out to The Crown and check me out! 




Seltzer Open Mic  Cohost
6:00 pm18:00

Seltzer Open Mic Cohost

  • Charmington's

Join me as I guest host Seltzer Open Mic for the month of August! 

Use your words! Come to Seltzer’s Open Mic night. We welcome poetry, prose, monologue, and music presented in roughly five minutes. Especially welcome if you’ve never performed your work in front of an audience before.

Cuban Writer's Exchange
Jun 28

Cuban Writer's Exchange

A wonderful opportunity to join a group of student writers as they think about the work of Hemmingway, Hughes, and Guillen! We'll be looking at the impact these authors had on each other, as well as how race and class impacted their work on Cuba. Can't wait to support these learners in their writing! Can't wait to see what comes out creatively for me as well :D 

EVP Presents: Black Maggies
7:00 pm19:00

EVP Presents: Black Maggies

  • Wright Theatre

Black Maggies is a story is about a black girl who finds herself and ends up right where she's supposed to be: on the precipice of a transition that'll challenge everything she's got.

Very excited to have this work picked up by the Emerging Voices Project in Baltimore! Join us for a workshop reading on June, 2, 2016! 

1:00 pm13:00

UB MFA Reading 2016

Come enjoy the work of the 2016 University of Baltimore Creative Writing and Publishing Arts MFA graduates! Pick up our work and hear us read. Dictionary is officially released today :D